Basic Daily Monitoring Queries

use master;

— How to get instance name?


— How to get SQL Server version?

select @@version

— How to show the full space percentage of the log files?

dbcc sqlperf(logspace)

— How to show free space on disks?

exec xp_fixeddrives

— How to get last restarted date of SQL Server?

select sqlserver_start_time from sys.dm_os_sys_info

— How to check databases size in SQL Server?

exec sp_helpdb

exec sp_helpdb 'AdventureWorks2014' ---> it returns details for spesific database

exec sp_databases --- alternative

— How to get blocking queries?

select * from sys.sysprocesses where blocked<>0

— List databases with state

select name,state_desc from sys.databases

— How to get all my databases last full, diff, tran backup info

select db_name,backup_type,backup_size_in_MB,
from (
select d.database_id, as db_name,
case backup_types.Backup_Type
when 'D' then 'Full Backup'
when 'I' then 'Differential Backup'
when 'L' then 'Transaction Log Backup'
end as 'backup_type',
cast(bs.compressed_backup_size/1048576 as decimal(15,2)) as 'backup_size_in_MB',
row_number() over(partition by d.database_id,backup_types.Backup_Type order by bs.backup_start_date desc) as rwn
from sys.databases as d
cross join(
select 'D' as Backup_Type
select 'I'
select 'L'
) as backup_types
left join msdb.dbo.backupset as bs on ( and backup_types.Backup_Type=bs.type)
left join msdb.dbo.backupmediafamily as bmf on bs.media_set_id=bmf.media_set_id
where isnull(bs.is_copy_only,0)=0 --- if you want to filter copy_only backups
) as tbl
where tbl.rwn=1
and tbl.database_id>4 --- eliminate system databases
order by tbl.database_id asc

— How to get all indexes on a spesific table in SQL Server?

-- exec sp_helpindex 'Table_Name'
exec sp_helpindex 'HumanResources.Department'

— How to list all indexes with last statistics updated date

SELECT OBJECT_NAME(object_id) as table_name,
name AS index_name,
STATS_DATE(object_id, index_id) AS StatsUpdated
FROM sys.indexes
order by StatsUpdated desc

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